Top 10 Oscar Jewelry

The most awaited time of the year, The Academy Awards 2011 are just a day away. And while everyone is keeping fingers crossed for their favorite movie, actors and actress; I can’t wait to see the celebrities walking the red carpet, celebrities flaunting the best of jewels, the biggest diamonds, the most radiant gemstones, you name it and the Oscars shall have it in store for you.

But, before the Oscars start and we get busy keeping up with it, let us once go through the memory lane and see Top 10 Oscar Jewelry throughout the years…


Oscar Jewelry - Nicole Kidman

This is quite an old one. Nicole Kidman at the Oscars in 1995. Her beautiful Dior dress which she so well paired up Yellow Gold Indian style Earrings.



Oscar Jewelry - Amy Adams

Thats Amy Adams at the 2009 Academy Awards with her Colorful Gemstone Bib Necklace.



Oscar Jewelry - Hillary Swank

Thats 2000 Oscars, Hillary Swank looking stunning in her delicate and classic Asprey and Garrard Necklace worth $250,000. Not that we are counting but yeah thats the quoted price.



Oscar Jewelry - Kelly Preston

Thats Kelly Preston at 2008 awards. Her diamond flower cuff bracelet was superbly gorgeous.



Oscar Jewelry - Jessica Alba

Thats Jessica Alba at 80th Annual Academy Awards, and her dazzling hoop earrings and gold and diamond bangles.



Oscar Jewelry - Gwyneth Paltrow

Elegant and classy Diamond Dangle Earrings of Gwyneth Paltrow at 2005 Oscars.



Oscar Jewelry - Beyonce

Jaw droppers! Thats what these Long Diamond Earrings of Beyonce are!



Oscar Jewelry - Nicole Kidman

And thats Nicole Kidman twice in our Top 10. Her layered diamond necklace at the 2008 Academy Awards were dripping with hotness and style.


Oscar Jewelry - Keira Knightley

At number 2, we have Keira Knightley and her classy Bulgari necklace


Oscar Jewelry Top 10 - Angelina Jolie

For number one, position I couldn’t think of anyone else than these classic Emerald Earringd of Angelina Jolie. While everyone was running after diamonds, Angie preferred to flaunt her stunning emeralds. These emerald dangler earrings bought emerald jewelry in fashion like never before.


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jewelryguru said...

@Robero - True .. Famous people can really influence the market and start a new trend. That's why they are paid so much to wear jewelry on special occasions.

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