Ekati Spirit Diamond from Canada sets a New Record

A 78- carat diamond rough that was recently mined from the Ekati mine, Canada was sold this week at the BHP Billiton’s diamond center, Antwep for $2.8 million. This rough diamond of $2.8 million sets a new record and becomes the most expensive rough diamond from a Canadian mine. The previous record was set by 10.22 carats diamond rough which was sold for $1.2 million.


The stone is internally flawless and the most significant gem quality produced from this mine in the last 13 years. However this is not the biggest diamond discovery of the Ekati mine, the biggest was the 182 carat diamond which was found about 2 years ago, but it was of poorer quality.

There are no reveals on who the buyers in, but one can’t help but wonder hoe this stunning gemstone would looks once it is cut, given some fancy shape and set in some magnificent jewel :))