How to wear Jewelry?

Although we women love to wear jewelry, we many times forget that our jewelry is supposed to complement our looks, accentuate our features but not over power. It is important that we remember that and wear jewelry strictly as per the occasion or one can turn into a fashion disaster.

If worn correctly, jewelry has the power of turning even a simple casual outfit into absolutely chic one.

Below are some tips that would help you look stylish

  • Never Overdo. One of the most important things that one need to take care of while wearing jewelry is never to overdo. Jewelry can make you look gaudy if you overdo it. Don’t wear your jewelry as if you have to show off all that you have got.
  • Be Consistent. Be consistent with one jewelry look at a time. If you want to wear some big bold pendant, never wear some delicate earrings or rings with. If you want to go bold with your jewelry, then let that be theme of all jewelry pieces whether they be rings, earrings or bangles.
  • Don’t mismatch two styles. While you can mix-match your jewelry and wear it and this could be a pretty stunning idea. But, don’t try to mix two different styles, they just never work. Say if you are wearing a cocktail ring, then let that alone be the eye catcher. Wearing other small and delicate rings would only take away from its glamour.

  • Also when you want to wear multiple chains or necklaces, never wear a thin chain and a thick one together.



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