Prince William and Kate Middleton Engagement Update

One cannot help but keep on talking about this historical wedding of Prince William with Kate Middleton that is to take place in the coming April and here another developed that will surely put this event on the pages of history.

The official design of the coin that shall mark the engagement of Prince Harry to Kate Middleton was unveiled on Thursday.


The image of the couple and especially of the royal bride to be has raised eyebrows world over as many feel that the Kate’s face looks quite different in the coin.

But none of it matters now, as the design has been approved by the couple and Prince William’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

A spokesman for the Mint said that it is always challenging to engrave profile and features onto something as small as a coin, particularly the features of young people.

Here are the two Official Engagement Pictures of Prince William and Kate.

Prince William and Kate Middleton official picture 

Kate and Prince William engagement

It is said that Kate will soon become one of the most photographed women in the world, like William’s mother Princess DIana.

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