How much do you know about December Birthstone – Tanzanite

One of the most popular blue gemstones - Tanzanite a.k.a. December Birthstone has quite an interesting story to it.

Tanzanite is relatively a young member of the gemstone family. While most of the gems that we know of have been known for some thousands of years, tanzanites were only found in the year 1967, This even led many specialists to refer to this stone as the ‘gemstone of 20th Century’.rough tanzanite rock The gem was discovered by a bunch of Masai shepherds in the Merelani Hills near Arusha in the east African state of Tanzania. Tanzania apparently is also the only place in the whole world where these gems are found. And, thus the famous New York Jewelers Tiffanys, as a tribute to its origin named the gemstone ‘Tanzanite’.

Teri Hatcher with tanzanite ring

Till date Tanzania remains the only place where this gem is mined, this also makes Tanzanite a highly rare gemstone; even rarer  than diamonds. Their rarity, beauty and inimitable hue makes these gemstone highly coveted and also one of the most prized ones. What is very intriguing about Tanzanite is that – in their natural form they do not occur as the beautiful violet blued gems that we know them as, but rather as not so attractive dark blue crystals. It is upon heating that the gems get their mystifying color. And perhaps this could be a reason why these gems were discovered only recently.

Largest Tanzanite

World’s largest cut or faceted tanzanite is a huge 737.81 carats rock. Another famous tanzanite is 242 carats which is set in Queen of Kilimanjaro’s Tiara.

Queen of Kilimanjaro Tiara

December Birthstone – Tanzanite

It was only in the year 2002 when American Gemstone Trade Association introduced this gem as the birthstone of December.It is even believed that gemstone increases alertness and cures many skin diseases. 

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