Angelina Jolie’s Jewelry Collection to help the Children of Conflict

Can we ever have enough of Angelina Jolie. Probably not! The actress is just all over making waves with her appearances, but more than anything else I really appreciate her for the way she has been actively working for various causes.

This time the celebrity has collaborated with her friend and former CEO of Asprey, Robert Procop to launch a Jewelry Collection. The benefits of its shall go for her personal Charity, that is The Education Partnership for the Children of Conflict.

The Jewelry Collection also has a 353 carat pale green hued Beryl pendant crafted in rose gold.

Procop said that the designs in this collection are inspired by ‘ancient tablet engravings’.

Sadly Jolie’s fans would not have easy access to this collection. Each of these jewelry pieces in this collection will only be sold through Procop’s network of clients.



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The impact of enforced participation in violence and conflict on children and ways this can be expressed?