Hip – Hop Jewelry – Iced Out

What once used to be primarily the luxury and domain of women has become a rage in men’s wardrobe too. Hip – Hop jewelry has opened the men’s world of fashion to jewelry.
Run DMC sporting heavy Gold Chains
(One of the earliest Rap Groups Run DMC are known to make Gold Chains and Tracksuits popular)

Hip – hop jewelry is no ordinary jewelry; it is big, it is bold and it has got that bling. For all it means to do is grab attention to make a statement. It is  the jewelry of the rebellious youth of today.

Lil John's Crunk Aint Dead Pendant(Lil John’s Crunk Aint Dead Pendant officcially set the world of largest diamond pendant ever. )

50 Cent performing (Check out the huge Cross Pendant and Gold Medallion of 50 Cent)

The jewelry came with the advent and popularity of rap artists in the 1980’s. The legend in the world of rap, Kurtis Blow is known as the pioneers for these iced out jewelry.
Gold, chunky chains, diamonds form a formidable part of this type of jewelry.
Sported by many celebrities like 50 Cent, P Diddy, Missy Elliot, the jewelry got the name ‘bling bling’ in the late 90’s. As they say Gotta have some Bling :)


logic said...

Yes I agree to you that hip hop jewelry is more popular among men's also.
Hip hop jewelry can even make you trend setter.