The Academy Award goes to The Moms This Year

Sandra Bullock won the best actress for the movie “The Blind Side”, she took the part of a mother who helps take a homeless youth off the street and makes him into a football success. This story is dedicated to real life heroes that would be our mothers who care about their babies and as it is said no one can take a mom’s place, receiving the award she dedicated the award to moms and said “To the moms who take care of the babies, no matter where they come from. Those moms never get thanked,”
Sandra Bullock wore a silver gold gown with diamond earring looking stunning. The gown was designed by Marchesa and was a replica of Oscar statuette. The jewelry to go with were diamond earrings though colored stone jewelry had created a vibe due to famous Angelina jolie’s emerald earrings and index finger emerald ring but diamond craze is back especially for our moms.