Delightful Diamond Pendant for Love Birds

Perry and Brand hand in hand EIzANhsa8Ujl
Kate Perry and Russell Brand’s love story is getting intense and serious. Seems like they are actually planning to settle down and have kids too!! The pop singer from Santa Barbara, California is going poppy with her boyfriend ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ star Russell Brand. They both have recently started to date and are deciding to get hitched up soon.
According to, Russell, a ladies’ man before Kate’s arrival, in his life seemed hard to become a monogamous. However, this ‘I Kissed A Girl’ singer has turned him to be disinterested into other women. They say that whenever he is with Kate he hangs up all calls of almost, all his woman friends. All credits go to her affection towards Russell who is really fond of her.
By looking at their lovely relationship trend, their romance has become an ideal for other cooing pairs in US. They are surely enjoying, basking in each other’s love.
Similarly, looking at this 2 tone gold heart diamond necklace gives a same impression to a novice about the intensity of their love. This uniquely designed pendant in yellow and white gold oozes out with love, as round diamond setting gives a taste of chastity of love. This much celebrated ring has been one of the top demanded pendants amongst customers.
Get this beautifully decorated lovely diamond jewelry for your lovely lady to make her feel the most wanted, of your life.


Nathalia said...

If I had a boyfriend I would want him to give me that for christmas, I better find one quick. I'm new here but i really like your blog!

Adden said...

Very Nice Diamond Pendant

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