What age group buys the most jewels? - II


When these teenage girls become youngsters, which is probably when they start preferring fine Gemstone jewelry over fashion jewelry. But the kind of jewelry this age group looks for is inexpensive and trendy. Again because girls in this age want to be fashion forward, they want a lot of jewelry. They prefer silver over gold, and even if it is gold they would look for the cheaper karats like 9K.
When this young girl graduates in to a working professional, her style becomes more sophisticated. She prefers fine jewelry over fashion jewelry. And since there are no major responsibilities at this age, she spends her income on herself which further means she buys a lot of jewelry, that to fine jewelry. The frequency and the amount of jewelry purchased may vary but the style remains until she gets to her middle age, say 50's. So this age group that ranges from 20 some things to 40 some things is the age group that buys the most jewelry. A woman in this age buys jewelry for herself, for her mother, for her daughter, for her friends, for her friends’ wedding, for her friends’ newborn and so on. For this age group jewelry is not just a prized possession but also the preferred gift for every occasion.


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