Barack Obama to buy rare $30,000 Rhodium ring for his wife to say 'thanks for your support'

Rodhium copy

While taking the wedding vows, a man and wife promise to stand together and give unflinching support to each other in the journey of life. A true example of this is the new US President elect Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle. The lady has been a pillar of strength to her husband, helping him campaign and win the most coveted position in the world, that of the US President. What can be more rewarding for her, apart from her position as First Lady, than a token of her husband’s love and appreciation?
Take a look at this exceptionally exquisite ring that the President elect has chosen to give his better half. Made of Rhodium, the most expensive and rare of all metals, the ring stands out for its extraordinary make and design. The lavish display of diamonds adds yet another sparkling luxurious look to this breathtaking ring. What better way to show your appreciation, especially to the woman you love and share your life with. Mr Obama sure has his way of doing things in style.


deep_in_vogue said...

it's an amazing ring, and she deserves it

allaboutattitude said...

wow! I want to be a first lady too

Anonymous said...
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