Indian Fashionable Jewelry

aii_8090                          While we are talking about jewelry, I didn’t want to miss out on the topic on which every jewelry lover’s heart melts – traditional jewelry. I love to explore history and traditions related to different cultures and their different styles of jewelry. One of my personal favorites has been Indian jewelry. The intricate craftsmanship and lovely designs are a must watch if you haven’t seen till date. The jewelry style is elaborate. Most of this jewelry is hand made making it even more special.
If you talk about the fashion trends and fashion jewelry in India, it more or less follows that traditional style but with a few modern changes. The latest fashion trend of jewelry in India is two-tone gold jewelry. The traditional yellow gold jewelry now comes with rhodium or white gold detailing. Another fashion trend combines colored gemstones and diamonds in elaborate traditional designs with a modern twist. And then there are these ageless classic ppy_7995chandelier earrings that are called “jhoomke” which happen to be my personal favorite. Its not just the traditional designs, Indian fashion jewelry has a huge variety of chic, modern designs to choose from. I simply love the versatility. You can get beyond your imagination.
I have a diamond necklace from India that is truly breath taking. So fashion has no boundaries… explore!


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if wearing a black color will make the look perfect, and fair if it becomes one of the winners at the Fashion Colorworks 2010